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Healthy Pet Food

To help you provide the best care for your pet, we bring you Life’s Abundance. Choose from a variety of health-promoting pet food dogs and cats love while providing them nutrition they need to thrive; with nothing artificial. In each formula the ingredients are carefully sourced and of high quality, with a guaranteed analysis you can feel good about. We’re so confident in the safety and effectiveness of these products that we can proudly say that Life’s Abundance foods have Never Been Recalled since established in 1998. Make the choice for a healthier, happier life for your pets today!

We know how important it is for you to feed your furry friend healthy food that you trust, and they’ll love.
LA Weight Loss Dry Dog Food at iSoHealthy

The weight loss food contains robust nutrition and a precise balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates that can help dogs lose weight the satisfying, healthy way. You should know that typical weight loss foods fill dogs up with fiber, that generally leaves them unsatisfied and longing for more, which compels them to eat more. Order Here

Life’s Abundance dry foods are produced in small batches on a frequent basis (quality controlled & laboratory tested), cooked fast at a low temperature for surest nutrient retention, fortified with an exclusive proprietary mix of vitamins and minerals no other company has, warehoused generally no longer than 4-6 weeks (climate controlled), based upon a manufacture-to-consumer field rep relationship, then upon ordering it ships to you in just 1-3 days — all to help you get the safest freshest-possible healthy pet food delivered to your front door. No more lugging around heavy bags of food from the store. With ‘big box brands’ the foods are stored in trailers that sit outside in all kinds of weather, sometimes for years! Also, Life’s Abundance dry pet foods are so nutrient dense, the suggested feeding is generally less than many other brands so it ends up costing less to feed (per meal) than other brands.

While some pet food brands say they add probiotics, you may not find them listed in their guaranteed analysis due to being destroyed through harsh processing. Rest assured, Life’s Abundance guarantees LIVE species-specific probiotics to help your pet’s gut health and digestion.

Life’s Abundance formulates their own pet foods that contain NO corn, wheat, corn/wheat glutens, by-products, or fillers!!!  And NO artificial flavors or colors. Some recipes can take up to three years to formulate with precise expertise. Additionally, they are committed to have each of their foods go through an AAFCO feeding trial – ethically.

There is a safety advantage feeding pets that’s supported by a quick notification system. Although Life’s Abundance never had a pet food recall, if there should ever be one, due to their direct relationship with consumers, plus their controlled product tracing, they can reach affected customers within hours of a concern.

Save up to 20% Off and never worry about running out of healthy pet food ever again with automatic shipments. Upon checkout, select autoship and a delivery schedule that fits your needs from every two weeks to every four months. You can update or cancel your autoship at any time.

Pet Treats, Pet Supplements, Pet Hygiene

Our Life’s Abundance pet treats are tasty snacks with a healthy purpose to help your pet live healthier, happier lives. Just high quality wholesome ingredients and no fillers. Typical supermarket treats are “junk foods” made with enticing flavors offering no real benefit. Life’s Abundance pet supplements target the needs that can’t be addressed by food alone. Hygiene plays an important role in overall health. Truly effective pet care products shouldn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Life’s Abundance herbal plant-based pet care products work to nourish and strengthen your pet’s coat, skin, and their sensitive ears.

Healthy People Products

Our Life’s Abundance skin care and clean body (bath) products are extremely PURE; made with plant-based natural and organic ingredients.

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While other companies capitalize on flavor-of-the-mouth fads, Life’s Abundance sticks what works best for pets.
You’ll receive superior customer support from their employee-owned evergreen company.

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Your pets rely on you to shop wisely for them.
No matter which health-promoting formula you choose, you’ll be the best pet parent!

Income/Business Opportunity.  Get financially rewarded helping people, pets, and planet be better off. If you are a pet parent or in a pet profession or simply like natural health & wellness and want to make a positive difference in the world, then this is perfect for you!  It can be woven into whatever you are currently doing in life to produce a greater outcome…it’s a win-win for all.  We’ll be glad to help you get started. Our iSoHealthy Team is committed to assisting you every step of the way, providing personalized guidance and support to help you maximize your earnings. Choose the opportunity that fits your lifestyle:   Home-based / Entrepreneur  |  Breeder Program  |  Pet Professional

At iSoHealthy, we’ve eliminated the top leading negative factors in health care for people, pets, and planet offering higher good alternatives TM.  Learn WHY we do what we do – click here.

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