The iSoHealthy Lifestyle

We love our selves and our pets, family members, and love our planet earth home, so much so, as to follow the Golden Rule of FIRST DO NO HARM. We prefer quality natural ‘clean’ products with ingredients of value so that our health (and health of the planet) can prosper.

Our ideal picture of health is freedom and independence by taking proactive measures. We don’t follow fads, the next quick fix, but have a deep appreciation and passion for the true foundation of health itself, which greatly depends on living a certain way. Since our SOIL, food that grows from soil, is deficient of vital nutrients the body needs for optimal health, we supplement daily faithfully.

A healthy state of being is our first-nature automatically. And it’s our #1 priority in life to protect and maintain this birthright; hence know, value, and follow the Golden Rule established as the way of peace and harmony. Dis-ease means “a body not-at-ease”, therefore we sin no more. Instead of going against what is good and right for us, we flow along with it, to reap the blessings of health [cause-and-effect].

Health is our prize possession—we endure it, embrace it, welcome it and hold it dear to us. We are grateful to health with honor. We love and enjoy how it feels being Healthy Naturally. Health is our best friend (one of them).

Bottom Line; we are passionate about natural health and wellness through the use of clean, pure, chemical-free foods and products, along with, regular exercise. WELCOME TO OUR COMMUNITY!!!

Our Story

After getting a goiter, an enlarged thyroid gland that outwardly looked like a hideous swollen lump on the neck, and being told by the doctor“to look normal again would to have the thyroid gland surgically removed then be on drugs throughout life to balance out the body having no thyroid gland” seemed more-so abnormal and was unacceptable news, hence decided to do some research on the internet and discovered that ‘goiter’ was a symptom of a nutritional deficiency; therefore took an iodine supplement (the maximum safe dosage daily) to reverse it which did take three years  but well worth the wait to truly be normal ~ naturally. Instead of taking drugs until death do us apart with one drug leading to another due to their side effects, fortify my body with high quality nutritional supplements daily, faithfully, for optimal health and wholeness.

We Are iSoHealthy

“iSoHealthy” was born from the idea that “I am so healthy” — “I” standing for “I am,” and “so” meaning to a greater extent. The abbreviation “ISO” is often used to denote high quality, and is often used as a certification or classification for products that meet a certain standard that is above and beyond the average. We chose the name “iSoHealthy” not only because it reflects the high quality of our products, but also because it represents our values and what we stand for. iSoHealthy is simply our true nature!  iSoHealthy was established to serve you well-fully. We’re here to help you on your journey to greatness, peak health.

Our Purpose / Our Mission

There is an Evolutionary Higher Good Global Shift Movement currently taking place in the world towards the betterment of humanity and we’ve been called to serve in it. At iSoHealthy, we’ve eliminated the top leading negative factors in healthcare for people, pets, and planet (TM) offering Higher Good Alternatives (TM).

We are dedicated to providing a wide range of high-quality products and supplements that support a healthy lifestyle. Our commitment to sourcing the best ingredients ensures that our customers can feel confident in the purity and effectiveness of what they consume.

We are a company dedicated to promoting natural health and wellness through the use of herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals, and other natural products. Our goal is to help people and pets live their healthiest lives naturally.

At iSoHealthy, we are passionate about sharing the power of nature to improve our health and well-being. That’s why we source our products from the finest natural ingredients and work hard to ensure that they are of the highest quality. In addition to our natural health products, we also offer iSoHealthy apparel and accessories gear. These products are designed to help you live an iSoHealthy lifestyle both inside and out.

Health is a positive thing, but when trying to achieve health in a harmful way with toxic, chemical-based, substances, you are really not gaining in health “altogether”. Combining a (+) with a (-) is known as “duality” {help+harm} and {toward+against}. Its like taking one step forward and one step backwards. This creates a “null” effect.

We know from actual personal experience, that at the heart of true health and wellness encompasses much more than simply taking supplements, exercising, and eating well. It involves cultivating a holistic lifestyle through proactive healthy habits and purification of eliminating the negative factors on all levels of being—physically, soul (mind-will-emotions), and spiritual—the entire whole body! By striving for this peak level, we not only benefit ourselves, but also contribute to the greater good and evolution of humanity towards overall global wellness and wholeness (life on earth) including the planet. It’s important to remember that we are not alone in this journey and that seeking additional uplifting support from God () can help us exponentially getting to the top for peak performance; sometimes we need a miracle boost.

At iSoHealthy, we are committed to helping you and your loved ones live the best, healthiest lives naturally. Thank you for choosing us as your partner in natural health and wellness.

Our goal is to outreach as many people as possible in an ethical way to alleviate unnecessary suffering. We constantly strive to improve and value our customers. We are passionate about what we do and believe in honesty and integrity.

Join the iSoHealthy Movement to achieve a healthier and longer life, as well as a healthier planet and sustainable future.