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Vitamin-Mineral Herbal Supplements can help balance the body by bringing the body up-to-par in areas of deficiency restoring wholeness while reducing areas of excess, can help the body maintain up-to-par status (even during age-related declination), and can provide that extra boost and strength when needed ~ Naturally.  We offer a variety of 45+ SUPPLEMENTS to meet your needs so you can Live An iSoHealthy Life.


Pets bring us much joy and comfort with providing a great service in many ways too. They make wonderful companions and deserve to be rewarded with safe, chemical-free, high quality natural pet products in return. Our premium Healthy Pet Food are packed with nutrients they need to thrive. Stop poisoning your pets and switch to our healthy Natural Flea & Tick Repellent pest control products. Give your pet the BEST life ever!!!

Flea Free Natural Tick Control Pet Products - Food Supplement, Shampoo and Spray
Healthy Pet Food


After getting a goiter, an enlarged thyroid gland that outwardly looked like a hideous swollen lump on the neck, and being told by the doctor “to look normal again would to have the thyroid gland surgically removed then be on drugs throughout life to balance out the body having no thyroid gland” seemed more-so abnormal and was unacceptable news, hence decided to do some research on the internet and discovered that ‘goiter’ was a symptom of a nutritional deficiency; therefore took an iodine supplement (the maximum safe dosage daily) to reverse it which did take three years  but well worth the wait to truly be normal ~ naturally. Instead of taking drugs until death do us apart with one drug leading to another due to their side effects, fortify my body with high quality nutritional supplements daily, faithfully, for optimal health – now of our own brand iSoHealthy :)


We are passionate about sharing the power of nature to improve health and well-being. That’s why we source our products from the finest natural ingredients and work hard to ensure that they are of the highest quality, so you can … Web Identity

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Try iSoHealthy supplements yourself and experience the nourishing health-promoting benefits nature has to offer.


Vegan Vitality Whole Foods Multi-Vitamin

42 Real Fruits & Vegetables including Herbs, Digestive Enzymes, Minerals and More!

iSoHealthy Vegan Vitality Whole Foods MultiVitamin Supplement Pills

85+ Nutrients in Every Pill

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Your choice of words and how you feel plays an important role in well-being. Incorporate iSoHealthy apparel and accessories as your daily positive affirmation and declaration! Go out into the world being iSoHealthy inside and out :) Our high quality, sustainable made, iSoHealthy Brand apparel and accessories come in different graphic designs (classic, simplicity, sport) and multiple beautiful colors including white. These items make a wonderful gift.

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