Blood Pressure Assist


Blood Pressure Support
Dietary Supplement | 60 Capsules

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iSoHealthy Blood Pressure Assist supplement is specifically formulated to support healthy blood pressure levels and circulatory health. This specially crafted formula is a potent blend of essential vitamins and natural extracts, carefully selected to provide comprehensive support for cardiovascular health.

With iSoHealthy Blood Pressure Assist, you’ll be nourishing your body with Vitamin C, Niacin, Vitamin B-6, Folate, and Vitamin B-12, providing powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support. Furthermore, our blend of herbal extracts, like Hawthorn, Garlic, Olive Leaf, Hibiscus, Buchu, Uva Ursi, Juniper Berry and Green Tea Leaf is specially formulated to promote healthy blood flow and balance fluids in the body.

iSoHealthy Blood Pressure Assist can have you feeling confident that you’re giving your body the support it needs to maintain healthy blood pressure levels and overall cardiovascular health. You deserve the best, and with iSoHealthy Blood Pressure Assist, you’ll be getting just that.

Key Benefits:

  • Supports healthy blood pressure levels and circulatory health*

Dietary Information

Blood Pressure Assist

iSoHealthy Blood Pressure Assist Supplement Bottle Label

SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement, adults take one (1) capsule daily, preferably with meals.

MAIN INGREDIENTS: Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Niacin (as Niacin granular), Vitamin B-6 (pyridoxal-5-phosphate), Folate (folic acid), Vitamin B-12 (as cyanocobalamin), Hawthorn Extract (leaf and flower), Garlic Powder (bulb), Olive Leaf (extract), Hibiscus Flower (powder), Buchu Leaf (extract), Uva Ursi Leaf (extract), Juniper Berry (powder), Green Tea Leaf (extract)(decaffeinated).

These ingredients have been researched in working together towards supporting Blood Pressure ~ Naturally!

Note: High blood pressure is known as hypertension and low blood pressure is known as hypotension. Good blood pressure control can reduce the risk of heart related complications, so it’s important to take steps to maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) is widely used for its powerful antioxidant properties that helps support the immune system and is vital to bone health.  But more than that, according to research Vitamin C may also act as a diuretic removing excess fluid from the body, thereby, helps lower the pressure within the blood vessels. [1,2]

Niacin (as Niacin granular) (vitamin B3) has been shown to have blood pressure lowering effects. It has the ability to lower triglycerides, “bad” lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol with increasing “good” lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol.  Niacin can help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation which are contributors to thickening or hardening of the arteries. It also affects metabolic variables thought to affect blood pressure, such as circulating free fatty acids. [3,4,5,6]

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxal-5-phosphate) has antioxidant properties, supports the nervous system, and plays a role in the control of hypertension and involved in amino acid metabolism. Deficiency affects the circulatory (blood cell) system. [7,8]

Folate (folic acid) is a form of vitamin B. According to research, subjects who took Folate had a lower risk of developing high blood pressure. [9]

Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin); Cyanocobalamin is a man-made form of vitamin B12 found only in supplements used to overcome vitamin B12 deficiencies and is known to provide better absorption than methylcobalamin which is a natural form of vitamin B12. Hypotension (low blood pressure) can result from deficiency of vitamin B12. [10,11]

Vitamin B6, Folate, and B12 regulates plasma homocysteine levels that is a factor in blood pressure. [10]

Hawthorn Extract (leaf and flower) along with its berries have been used as an herbal remedy for centuries to aid circulatory disorders and high blood pressure. It helps regulate high blood pressure and high cholesterol. According to research, Hawthorn increases coronary artery blood flow, improves circulation, and lowers blood pressure. The berries are rich in hyperoside, flowers contain higher levels of flavonoids, the leaves contain the higher levels of oligomeric procyanidins (OPCs) and vitexin-2-rhamnoside. Flavonoids have powerful antioxidant properties. [12,13]

Garlic (Allium sativum) Powder (bulb) is effective in reducing blood pressure in hypertensive subjects, as good as, blood pressure medications but without the side effects of drugs. [14,15]

Olive Leaf (extract) has the potential to modify blood pressure and plasma lipid profiles. The leaves of the olive plant are rich in polyphenols. Phenolic-rich olive leaf extract can remarkably reduce blood pressure in individuals suffering from high blood pressure (hypertension). It improves blood lipid (a reduction in total and LDL cholesterol and triacylglycerides). [16,17]

Hibiscus Flower (powder) can lower blood pressure as effectively as some blood pressure drugs but without the side effects of drugs. [18,19,20]

Buchu Leaf (extract) is native to western South Africa and has been used for centuries by ancient people for their healthful properties. [21]

Uva Ursi Leaf (extract), botanical name arctostaphylos, also called “Bearberry leaf” has immune infection-fighting properties by reducing inflammation and commonly used for urinary tract infections.  Uva ursi changes fluid levels in the body with those have high blood pressure. [22]

Juniper Berry (powder), Juniperus communis, has antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. [23]

Green Tea Leaf (extract) is high in antioxidants and improves blood lipid profile. Antioxidants helps reduce oxidative stress that increases fat buildup in the blood that leads to high blood pressure. Study showed a significant lowering effect on both diastolic blood pressure (DBP) and systolic blood pressure (SBP) including significant reduction of total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol levels. [24,25]

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