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iSoHealthy Prenatal MultiVitamin Plus DHA Gummy is the perfect addition to your pregnancy journey. Specially formulated with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, this delightful gummy supplement offers comprehensive nutrition support for both mom and baby.

Each serving of our Prenatal MultiVitamin Plus DHA Gummy is loaded with a carefully selected blend of key ingredients, including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Iodine, Zinc, Sodium, and Omega-3 Fish Oil (DHA). These powerhouse nutrients work together to provide a well-rounded nutritional profile that supports the overall health and well-being of both you and your growing baby.

With the goodness of Vitamin A, C, and E, our gummy supplement helps to bolster your immune system, ensuring you and your baby stay healthy throughout your pregnancy journey. The inclusion of Vitamin D3 promotes strong bone development and supports calcium absorption, crucial for both you and your baby’s skeletal health.

We understand that maintaining a healthy nervous system is vital during pregnancy. That’s why our Prenatal MultiVitamin Plus DHA Gummy supplement contains essential B vitamins and Folate. These nutrients play a crucial role in nerve function and support your baby’s brain and spinal cord development.

To ensure the best start for your little one, our supplement includes Omega-3 Fish Oil (DHA) – a key nutrient for brain and eye development. DHA also aids in the healthy functioning of your baby’s nervous system.

We are committed to providing you with the best possible product, which is why our Prenatal MultiVitamin Plus DHA Gummy supplement is free from artificial colors or flavors. We believe in offering you pure, wholesome nutrition that you can trust.

Why Choose Our Prenatal MultiVitamin Plus DHA Gummies?

  • Comprehensive blend of essential vitamins and minerals
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Mouthwatering mixed fruit flavor
  • Convenient and enjoyable way to supplement your diet
  • Suitable for pregnant women of all ages
  • Expertly crafted to support your overall well-being

Treat yourself to the delicious, convenient, and easy-to-take Prenatal MultiVitamin Plus DHA Gummy. With its tasty flavor and chewy texture, it’s a delightful way to ensure you and your baby receive the essential nutrients you both need. Make this supplement a part of your daily routine and experience the difference it can make in supporting your journey to motherhood. Get Your Daily Dose – Today!

Key Benefits:

  • Nutrition Support for Mom and Baby*
  • Supports immune system*
  • Promotes strong bone development*
  • Supports healthy nervous system*

MSG-Free Assurance: Some other brands use MSG technically as a “natural flavor”, and some people have a very strong reaction to it. We want to assure you that our natural flavors refer only to actual fruit flavors. The FDA requires MSG (monosodium glutamate) to be listed in the ingredient panel, so if it was present, it would be listed there. We want to emphasize that none of these gummies contain MSG, nor do they contain ingredients that naturally contain MSG. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities.

Dietary Information

Prenatal MultiVitamin Plus DHA Gummy

iSoHealthy Prenatal MultiVitamin Plus DHA Gummy Supplement Bottle Label

SUGGESTED USE: Take 2 Gummies per day. Take only as directed. Do not exceed suggested dosage.

MAIN INGREDIENTS: Vitamin A (as retinyl acetate), Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid), Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol), Vitamin E (as dl-alpha tocopherol acetate), Vitamin B3 (as niacinamide), Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCl), Folate (as 360 mcg folic acid), Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin), Biotin, Iodine (as potassium iodide), Zinc (as zinc citrate), Sodium (as sodium citrate), Omega-3 Fish Oil (DHA).

These ingredients have been researched in working together towards supporting health and wellness ~ Naturally!

Vitamin A plays a vital role in supporting healthy vision, immune function, and cell growth and development for both mom and baby during pregnancy.

Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant that supports the immune system, aids in collagen production, and helps with the absorption of iron, promoting overall health and well-being.

Vitamin D3 is crucial for calcium absorption, promoting strong bones and teeth for both mom and baby. It also plays a role in supporting the immune system and maintaining healthy muscle function.

Vitamin E acts as a powerful antioxidant, protecting cells from damage caused by free radicals. It supports healthy skin, promotes red blood cell formation, and aids in the proper functioning of the immune system.

Vitamin B3, also known as niacin, helps convert food into energy and supports healthy digestion. It plays a role in maintaining healthy skin, nerves, and the digestive system.

Vitamin B6 is involved in over 100 enzymatic reactions in the body, supporting brain development, red blood cell production, and hormone regulation. It also aids in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Folate (Vitamin B9) is crucial for the development of the neural tube in the early stages of pregnancy. It supports the formation of red blood cells and helps prevent certain birth defects.

Vitamin B12 is essential for the production of DNA and red blood cells. It supports the nervous system, aids in energy metabolism, and contributes to the overall health of mom and baby.

Biotin is a B vitamin that promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails. It also aids in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, supporting overall energy production.

Iodine is essential for the production of thyroid hormones, which play a crucial role in regulating metabolism and promoting healthy brain development in the fetus.

Zinc is involved in numerous enzymatic reactions and supports immune function, DNA synthesis, and cell division. It also plays a role in promoting normal growth and development.

Sodium is an essential electrolyte that helps maintain fluid balance in the body. It supports proper nerve and muscle function, as well as maintaining healthy blood pressure.

Omega-3 fatty acids, specifically DHA, are crucial for brain and eye development in the fetus. It also supports the healthy functioning of the nervous system.

Our carefully crafted formula offers peace of mind and the nutritional support both you and your baby deserve. Trust in the quality and effectiveness of our product, and enjoy the journey to motherhood with confidence!


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