Products of a “class” will share the same shipping and return policy. The class of a product is listed on the product description page within its “Shipping & Return” Tab.

CLASS 1 = General Health Goods

Our general health goods are shipped from multiple facilities. If you are not satisfied with the product, please contact us within 30-days of purchase and the cost of the product (excluding tax and shipping fees) will gladly be refunded to you.

  • Tag = Class 1.1  (to view all items in this class)
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Includes: iSoHealthy Brand supplements
  • Generally, the processing time is 1 day and delivered within 1-3 business days
  • Orders under 5 lbs get shipped USPS / 5+ lbs get shipped UPS
  • Shipping cost is by weight
  • Tag = Class 1.2
  • Includes: Flea Away Pet Products (shampoo, spray, supplement) and Bug-Away Home & Garden
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee within 30-days of purchase
  • Fast Delivery – 2 to 4 Business Days during normal conditions
  • Shipping cost is by weight
  • Shipping method is either USPS, UPS, FEDEX determined by weight of these products combined
  • These items are shipped from the manufacturing facility of their own class

CLASS 2 = P.S. Goods

Our Print Shoppe Goods (P.S. Goods or PSG) are in a class of their own. These goods consist of custom made and printed/embroidered: shirts, hoodies, hats, leggings, mugs, accessories, home decor, and so forth.

In general, P.S. Goods are non-refundable but rather come with a re-print (do-over). The shipping time and options will be available upon your “ship to” address at checkout.


  • Tag = Class 2.1  (to view all items in this class)
  • Our PS Goods are sustainably made
  • Processing and shipping time varies product to product
  • Multiple items on a single order may ship separately as each item gets completed
  • Generally, processing time with shipping time can take up to two weeks
  • Shipping cost is by weight

Please read the following unique policies for Class 2.1 PS Goods

2.1 PSG Policy  /  2.1 PSG Return Policy  /  2.1 PSG Shipping

NO CLASS =  Related Off-Site Products offers “some” highly beneficial products from other companies we are in a business relationship with. Thereby, for products purchased from trusted related companies offered through our shoppe (links), you will have to go by their shipping and return policy, including their customer support.

Life’s Abundance (healthy pet food, plus)